“I own a number of properties in Southwest Florida. When I need trusted pest control,
the number one choice has always been The Bug Terminators. I held a Facilities Director position in Florida for a number of years. I have known Rick, the owner, for years and he is and was one of the best vendors (partners). The trust and knowing the outstanding results were next-to-none. He is currently taking care of all of my rentals and I can rest assured he will complete the job without gouging. I do not usually make recommendation, however, in this case ​I highly recommend The Bug Terminators for any pest control problems.
You may contact me personally for any references.”
Ali Hamzelue (650) 475-6284

​“Rick does a great job! He will come back when needed with a smile,
is courteous, and trustworthy. I highly recommend!”
Tina Ritter Wainscott 

“Thorough and efficient service, with great hospitality!”
Michaela Williamson

“5 Stars!”
Ken Chen
Zach Mersch
Everaldo Merlo
Justin Isaac Edwin Smith

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