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The Bug Terminators, LLC offers certified and licensed residential and commercial pest control services and treatment programs throughout Southwest Florida.

* Free Inspections and Estimates – We will fully inspect your residence or commercial property or any type of pests that are within the realm of structural pest control. We provide customized service and recommendations to match your needs.

* Free Courtesy Calls / Peace of Mind – We will come back as many times as necessary within your service period, at no additional charge to you, should the pest problem persist.

* Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly and One-Time Service – Choose a package that works for you!  Our One-Time Service includes a full 30-day guarantee!

General Pest Service
We provide commercial and residential interior and exterior services including general pests such as spiders, ants, silverfish, roaches, beetles, and more!

Rodent Service
We provide weekly trap-outs for heavy infestation, and monthly services on rodent bait boxes for the exterior. We also provide exclusion work.

Roach Service
We provide weekly treatment on heavy infestation in restaurants or food establishments until the problem is solved. Regular roach services are recommended on a monthly basis in commercial buildings.

Bed Bug Treatment
Two treatments are required 10-14 days apart. We offer a 30-day guarantee after the second treatment is completed. Please note: it is the customer’s responsibility to prepare the space before treatment.

Flea / Tick Service
Two treatments are required 10-14 days apart. Pets should be flea-dipped for the best results and removed from the home the day of treatment.

Mosquito Program
Bi-weekly service on mosquitoes are recommended for the best results.

Bee / Wasp Program
We strive to save the bees and will happily call in our specialists who will remove the hive with the least possible damage. We provide removal of wasp nests.

Sanitization Treatment
Your safety is important to us. The Bug Terminators are providing a Medical-Grade Disinfectant to sterilize all surfaces in your home and business. Certified to eliminate viruses, fungi and mildew.
​Safe on all surfaces, disinfects, deodorizes and leaves no residue.